Free Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt with Varitions- Printables

Need a last minute activity to get the kids out of the kitchen while cooking Thanksgiving Dinner? Here's a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt printable for all ages to enjoy!
All the work is done for you, so all you have to do is print and cut!  Simply print out as many templates you need, and send the children on their way! They can explore outside or keep warm indoors for this hunt. Super simple, super cute, and a great way to keep everyone busy this Holiday Season. I included some variations of the game below, and both a colored and a black and white version in case you don't want to use your colored ink! Feel free to share on Pinterest, Facebook, or any of your other social media websites. You can also catch me online with the the social media follow buttons to the right!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt- Color

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt- Black and White

Variation Ideas:
Tired of the same old Scavenger Hunt? Here are some Scavenger Hunt Variations:

Photo Scavenger Hunt: This is the most popular version in our household because it takes makes the scavenger hunt longer and a little more difficult. Use cameras or cell phones to take photos of the scavenger hunt (alone or in teams) and then review everyone's photos at the end of the hunt! The more fun you have with the photos (creative and funny), the better it will be to review them!

Drawing Hunt: Draw each one of the items on the list! This is great for younger kids and buys you a bit more time!

Collection Hunt: Collect something that reminds you of whatever was on the list! A photo for the people or animals, a piece of nature that you find, etc.

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