DIY Baby Sensory Board

My son never liked tummy-time and, as I'm sure most babies, got to an age where he just needed something to touch and play with! This DIY Sensory Board turned out to be the perfect solution for both sitting up as well as tummy time. The best part about it? You can literally use any {baby safe} items that you already have in your house! There are no rules, and it is super easy. I hope you enjoy creating this DIY Sensory Board for your sweet baby!

What you will need:

Piece of cardboard, wood, a shoe box lid, etc.
A hot glue gun
A ton of random items from around the house that have different textures, different sounds, hard, soft, etc.


1. Gather your supplies for your sensory board. Some examples that I used were cotton balls, Legos, an empty water bottle. a bead necklace, tape, a small container for putting snacks in (or ice; my son loves the cold feeling of ice!), a bell- he loves noise makers as well, a shower scrunchy, nails, string, I even just placed large dots of hot glue on the board because once they dry, they feel so cool and squishy.

2. Place the pieces on the board where you would like them so you can re-position if you need to before gluing. I even had some hanging off the edges so he can try to reach for them.

3. Glue everything on the board!

That's it! {Literally as easy as 1-2-3} It is insanely simple and actually really fun! It's one of those projects that you can't really mess up.

*Here are a few tips to consider while you're planning and making your sensory board:

-For items such as the screws, I covered up the sharp ends with a layer of hot glue so that he wouldn't hurt himself and he could only feel the ridges of the screws.
-Just remember that everything for babies is straight to the mouth {at least for my little one!} so I washed everything and took into consideration what I would put on the board and where I would put it on the board so that anything he put in his mouth would be safe. I had some awesome bubble wrap, but I knew that could end in a disaster if he got some off and ate it. I also put the bark in the middle of the board so that he couldn't get it in his mouth.
-I went through some trial and error with this sensory board. At first I tried to glue a rubber rolling mat onto the board, but I had no idea that hot glue and rubber do not stick and that it would rip off the cardboard even after it dried. So I took it off and replaced it with a bib that he never uses that has flaps as Micky Mouse ears.
-I had a bigger piece of cardboard so that he couldn't accidentally pick up the entire thing as he was reaching and pulling the items on the board.
-After it is dry and before you give it to your baby, make sure to test every piece of the board to make sure if it's pulled hard, that it doesn't come off/tear. You get to be a kid and test it out!

My son plays with this for hours; he is so fascinated! I turn the board to a different side every once in awhile and he just loves every second of it. I hope your little ones love it too!

What kinds "busy work" do your babies love?

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