DIY Frosted Christmas Candles

Candles are my number one go-to decoration when it comes to making my home cozy throughout the Christmas season. I made this super cute and easy frosted candle holder for my room, and wanted to show you how as well!

You will need:

-Mason Jar


-Mod Podge (I made my own: equal parts glue and water)

-Epsom Salt

-Sticker and Ribbon (optional)


1. First, I needed to stick my sticker on the jar so that the salt wouldn't stick to that part of the jar. When I had done this before, it was extremely difficult to get the sticker off the jar at the end. So this time around, I pulled it on and off of my hand a few times to make it not so sticky before I put it on the jar.

2. I used a sticker to outline the part that won't be covered in salt, but you can use tape to make stripes or frost the entire jar if you'd like!

3. Next, I used a paintbrush to apply the mod podge all over the jar. It's ok if you get it on the sticker, just make sure it covers the entire jar.

4. I then put the salt on a paper plate and simply rolled the jar in the salt while the mod podge was still wet. If I missed a few spots, I spooned the salt onto the jar and patted it down with my hands.I took the sticker off immediately (especially if i you got mod podge on it, the quicker your remove the sticker, the better) and formed the heart shape a bit better with my fingers.

5. Now you're done with the bulk of the project! To finish it off, I tied a ribbon at the top of the jar (completely optional) after I lit the candle I  put it in the jar with a pair of scissors since the jar was so deep. Then, I took a paintbrush with plain water and wiped the heart shape out because it had a bit of mod podge that snuck into it and made it look foggy.

That's it! It's super easy and ends up looking so cute! The salt for this Frosted Christmas Candle is a great sensory project for kids to do during this holiday season.

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