Mah-Mah || Week in Review

March. 14. 2015
What in the world is happening in this picture, you might ask? My little nugget monster! ....Let me explain. We went to the temple today before Avery leaves for his mission on the 25th of this month. While his family and my family were in the temple, Cayson and I enjoyed a beautiful walk in the park and a fun little trip to Wendy's! We just got a drink, a cup of chili, and some nuggets. Those little blobs are nugget chunks. On the window seal. Friends, once he decided he was all done with his chicken, he put nugget chunks on the window seal. I looked over and saw his little line of nuggs and I was like....what?? Oh heavens. I sure do have a funny little kid {and a rather organized one too!}.

This little beauty, is a picture from our temple trip as well. Cayson and I always find these secret, fun places that reminds us how beautiful this world God gave us truly is. Although there is bad happenings in the world everyday, I believe that we're blessed to be able to live here; especially around places like this where Heaven and Earth peacefully collide. No matter what kind of grace I see in the nature around me, when I pass a temple....well, nothing seems to compete. The elegance and holiness blows me away. We're lucky to have nature. We're lucky to have temples. We're oh so lucky to have a God that loves us enough to bless us with both.

March. 16. 2015
My sweet little baby doll is playing with my old, well loved, baby doll. I carried my beaten up Baby Beans around with me everywhere I went when I was younger to the point that her hair now permanently sticks straight up {that's where I carried her, by her hair}. I have some crazy, sweet, and funny memories with that little one. When I lost her, I was always devastated; but God helped me find her again and again. One time, my brothers stuck her in the microwave....yes, in the microwave. I don't even remember why. All I remember was her and I were sunbathing in the backyard {I know, like we, out of all people, needed to sunbathe}, when my brothers came along and wanted to play a "game" with us. They made me do all of these different tasks to get her back, and when I didn't do it, they stuck her in the microwave and then stuck her in the freezer. Yeah....those were the days. Odd, but something I will never forget. I hope Cayson can find the same friendship and wacky memories that I found in my little Baby Beans years ago. And because it brought me memories I'll never forget, if it involves a microwave and a freezer....i'm strangely ok with that.

March. 17. 2015
Oh! That smile! My little boy has learned to dance this week. This is one of those pictures that you just have to imagine movement. Imagine him bouncing up and down on his little booty. Or standing up and shakin that tiny tush. He has always loved music, even when I was pregnant with him. He would NEVER move when he was inside me. I'm talking the point that I was always afraid something was wrong. But whenever we were at church, or whenever I would play or sing music, he would do his own little bee-boppin jig all around my belly. He's always been a very relaxed and calm little peanut- inside of me and out. God knew what He was doing when He sent me this sweet boy; I needed someone who was happy, easy, and calm. It's just a bonus that he loves music as well, just like his mommy. In fact, at this very moment I'm singing him to sleep. I sing him our song. I changed the lyrics a bit so that it's about Jesus talking to me, and then me talking to Cayson:

"As I lay me down to sleep, I hear Him speak to me. Hello Livi. How ya doin? I think the storm ran out of rain the clouds are movin. I know you're happy. Cause I can see it. So tell the voices in your head to believe it. I talked to God about you, He said He sent you and angel. Look at all that He gave you. You asked for one and you got two. You know I never left you, cause every road that leads to Heaven's right beside you. So you can say- Hello my only one. Just like the morning sun. You'll keep on rising till the stars know your name. Hello my only one. Remember who you are. No you're not perfect but you're not your mistakes. Hey hey hey hey, oh the good outweighs the  bad even on your worst day. Remember how I say, one day, you'll be the man I knew you always could be".

Sleep well, Peanut.

That night, I convinced my family to stop at Big Lots. They were hooked! We hadn't been there in so long, and I knew that they had so many things, for such a great price. As we browsed, we saw these cute little Cayson-sized lounge chairs. There was no way we could keep on going without taking a picture. So my little man sat next to his favorite big man and lounged like you'd never seen a boy lounge before. He loves his Uncle Adam. He kind of said "Ah-dum" the other day 3 times and we all DIED. It was so cute. They're perfect for each other. It's interesting how much they're alike. They both love to look at themselves. They both love to laugh at themselves. They're both just the cutest little goofballs.

March. 18. 2015
Licking the frosting beaters should be the best part of every childhood- so I'm not leaving that out for this little kid! Frosting faces, I think, are the cutest. The only way to eat anything as a baby is to first, smoosh it all over your hands and then second, make sure it gets all over your face. If you get it on your clothes or the floor as well, you get bonus points. Looks like Cayson gets a 15 out of 10! I made sugar cookies tonight and a good sugar cookie needs frosting, of course. And that good frosting can't go to waste, right? So what else are you going to do with it? Throw it away? Heck no! Give it to the baby.....? Tempting....oh too tempting.....

March. 19. 2015
I wanted to end today with this. This blurry screenshot taken from a video on my phone. This is the most important photo of the week because of his little mouth right there- it's making an "Mmm" sound. Mmm. M. He's starting to say "Mama". Oh. Em. Gee. Catch me before I fall. It's SO CUTE. He first looked up at me while I was getting ready in the bathroom and he was getting fussy. He crawled over, reached up his little hands, and said "Mama". I literally died. Ok, not literally, but pretty darn close. It was so cute and so sweet and now he crawls around the whole house saying "Mamamamamama". I doubt he's actually saying it because he knows that's my name, but I'm still going to roll with it because it's cute and I love it. I'm grateful I get to cherish all of these little moments with you, Cayson Cole. I love you.

Love, Mama

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