I Thank God for the Light of Christ

Our My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Loves Me Us Quotes LDS Church Religious SpiritualI think Jesus talks to God about us. I wonder what They talk about...if I'm reaching His standards, the blessings He has in store for me, the potential that He sees in me. I'm sure God has so many beautiful plans for my life, I just need to figure it out; or, rather, I just need to listen. Listen and Act. I can't even comprehend how much they love me, my family, and every single one of you.

Today, I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and for the love that they hold. Or....the love that they give. They have so much love, and they give it all out. I hope I am able to do that one day. I hope to be able to love everyone and everything. The Light of Christ is in every single thing that is good in this world. He is light. He is the sun, the smiles, and the laughter. Even in the darkest of nights, He is the moon and the stars, the tiny bit of light peaking through. When I'm alone, He is in my heart and blesses my spirit. He loves us. He loves me. He loves you.

He has so many gifts for me and all of His children here on Earth. We just have to ask, have faith, and receive. The funny thing is, He even blesses us when we don't ask. Look at every single thing He has blessed you with in this life. Imagine how much more He has in store, if we were to simply ask.

I Thank You, God, for the Light of Christ.

What are you thankful for today?
dare you to be happy.

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